Badger Property (Includes Tom Joe and Rocky Brook)

Location & Access

7 km from the community of Badger, The Trans-Canada Highway provides general access to the Badger area


1922 claims covering 480.5 sq km


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Historical exploration for volcanogenic massive sulphide mineralization


Gold-in-till anomalies


Proximal to Great Atlantic Resources’ Golden Promise property, host to the Jaclyn gold deposit

The Badger property is located 7 km from the community of Badger and is proximal to Great Atlantic Resources’ Golden Promise property, host to the Jaclyn gold deposit. The Trans-Canada Highway provides general access to the Badger area which hosts a network of Forest Service Roads. The Badger property is made up of fifteen licenses holding 1,922 claims covering 480.5 sq km.

The Badger property covers anticlinal structures, as indicated by government bedrock geology maps  and aeromagnetic geophysical surveys. The Caradocian graphitic black shale sequence is a useful marker to define the fold structure underlying the Badger and the other C2C properties.  A limited amount of historical base metal exploration was conducted on the Badger property, mainly for copper and nickel associated with gabbro sequences.

Historical government and company till sampling over the Badger property shows gold-in-till anomalies on the Badger property associated with regional anticline and syncline structures.

  • ~ 4,000 soil samples have been collected (results pending) on soil lines targeting folded stratigraphy and associated faults
  • 15 quartz-carbonate vein collected (results pending) including previously identified 1.3 g/t gold outcrop at Rocky Brook
  • 25 quartz vein float and subcrop samples collected (results pending)
  • Other work to include:
  • GT Probe lines around anomalies
  • Infill soil sampling
  • Continued prospecting and soils on Jaclyn X (priority target)

The strategic acquisition of the Tom Joe and Rocky Brook properties provides the Company with known gold occurrences which will be included as part of C2C’s 2021 exploration program.  

Tom Joe and Rocky Brook Acquisition Highlights:

  • 100% interest in two mineral licenses (ten claims) covering the Tom Joe gold-arsenic occurrence with reported historical values up to 1.9 g/t gold in rock samples;
  • 100% interest in two mineral licenses (two claims) covering the Rocky Brook East Gold occurrence with reported values of up to 5.3 g/t gold from rock samples collected on surface;
  • The Tom Joe and Rocky Brook East gold occurrences are included in areas targeted for surface exploration in C2C’s 2021 field program. Acquisition of the Tom Joe and Rocky Brook mineral licenses expands the Badger project area to 330 sq km and increases the Company’s total Central Newfoundland Gold Belt holdings to 4,617 claims (1,154 sq km).

Tom Joe Project

The Tom Joe gold-arsenic occurrence is covered by two mineral licenses containing ten claims over 250 hectares (2.5 km sq). Tom Joe is located 25 km south of the town of Badger and is easily accessed by a road transecting the property. According to assessment report records, Altius Resources Inc. conducted surface work programs on the property during the late 1990’s and reported gold in mineralized rock samples containing pyrite, arsenopyrite and sphalerite from the Tom Joe occurrence. There has been limited work on the property; the most recent publicly documented work was a till sampling program completed in 2017 by Stratton Minerals where several anomalous gold-in-till samples were collected in the area.

The Tom Joe gold-arsenic zone of mineralization and carbonate-sericite-kaolinite alteration in rubble was noted by a prospector in 1996 while prospecting new road cuts. The Tom Joe property is underlain by Cambro-Ordovician marine siliclastic sediments of the Victoria Lake supergroup mapped as lying stratigraphically beneath the Carodician black shale unit and Badger Group sedimentary rocks.

Rocky Brook

The Rocky Brook East Gold occurrence is covered by two mineral licenses containing two claims over 50 hectares (0.5 km sq) situated on the northern border of the Company’s Badger property. The Rocky Brook property is located ten km north of the town of Badger on the Trans Canada Highway and is easily accessible via logging roads. Historical rock sampling results as reported in assessment reports include quartz-carbonate veins returning values up to 5.3 g/t gold.

The Rocky Brook East showing was first documented in the late 1990s when a local prospector discovered quartz-carbonate veins and breccia mineralized with galena, chalcopyrite, and arsenopyrite. The mineralized area is hosted in a sequence of gabbroic plugs and dykes intruding metasedimentary rocks. There has been minimal exploration work on the Rocky Brook gold occurrence.

The property lies near the Red Indian Line, a major deep crustal structure, where mafic to felsic volcanic rocks and sediments of the Roberts Arm Belt to the west lie in thrust-faulted contact with sediments of the Badger Group to the east.

The historical exploration data and analytical results reported in this news release were compiled from publicly available assessment reports and other data filed with the Department of Energy, Industry, and Technology, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. Neither C2C Gold Corp. or a qualified person has verified the historical sampling, analytical, and test data contained in this news release. The historical rock grab sampling results are selected samples and are not necessarily indicative of the mineralization on the properties.